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Flower Essences - Don't Leave Home Without Them!

Now that you have your personal medicine cabinet, what do you do with it? Well, first and foremost, you learn how to use it! This article will speak to the flower essences that may be helpful when traveling. 

Before I travel, I pack a few flower essences that can be used whenever I feel a glitch manifesting in my body. Flower essences are one of nature’s answers to help balance an emotional glitch quickly and efficiently.

Our bodies lead the way through physical symptoms. A physical symptom is a language. One’s ability to interpret this language can help decide which remedy might help shift an unhealthy cellular response to a healthy one.

These are the flower essences I never leave home without. I have learned that the sooner I recognize the glitch through a physical symptom, the faster I can heal it with the help of the flowers.

Flower Essence

Physical Symptoms

Emotional Imbalances

Chakra Connection


Bloating, Swelling, Urinary issues, hip/knee pain, mental torment, cold sores

Disappointment; guilt; shame; regrets, inability to express one’s thoughts and feelings freely

1st chakra - identity. Ability to express one’s thoughts and feelings without fear of upsetting others


Throat irritation; muscular pains, jaw & teeth issues; thyroid

Control; judgements; irritation; criticism; rigidity 

5th chakra - freedom and flexibility to move about through life 


Lower back pain

Feelings of being overwhelmed; too much to do, not enough time to do it in

7th chakra -  Recognizing everything has its own time and space


Gall bladder; pancreas

Fear to fail; fear to make a mistake; fear of being judged; fear of rejection

3rd chakra - Confidence, safety and security within one’s self. Feeling good about what one knows and what one does not know.


Anxiety, digestive issues

Feeling anxious and traumatized from life’s lessons

3rd chakra - The ability to learn from one’s lessons in life. The courage to be who one came to be in this lifetime.

White Chestnut


Obsessive/scattered thoughts; excessive worry; sleeplessness; coldness, numbness, tingling in extremities

7th chakra - a calm and relaxed mind.


Imbalance in the mucus membranes - sinus, head colds, allergies, headaches from clogged mucus membranes

Resentment, bitterness, blame, victim

6th chakra - forgiveness, acceptance, allowing, appreciating

Rescue Remedy

Physical and emotional trauma

Injuries, bruising, muscle pain, stored trauma

Helps the body begin the process of releasing trauma and fear attached to the experience

These are a few of the flower essences, I never leave home without. There are many more flower essences that can help us heal as we go through life’s experiences. You can learn what they are used for here:

The more comfortable you are using them, the faster you can move old energy out of your way. 

Insecurity, Arrogance, Confidence - What's in your third chakra?

 Insecurity – I am afraid to know and I need someone to tell me what I think I should know.

Arrogance – I know what I know and everyone needs to know what I know.

Confidence – I know what I know and it does not matter if anyone agrees with me.

These three energies all have the potential to reside together in the third chakra. The third chakra, called the solar plexus, is connected to the digestive center and the glands and organs that surround it. This is where we store our fears and frustrations. 

Confidence is the balanced state of the third chakra. Confidence is decisive, secure and safe. Confidence knows what it knows, having no need for anyone else to know, agree or justify its existence. 

When the third chakra is out of balance, insecurity and arrogance may override confidence. We may swing from one side to the other, avoiding the center. Oftentimes, we may jump between these three energies. In vibrational healing, we strive to enter the state of confidence; a sense of knowing thyself. 

Insecurity is on the far left of this pendulum swing. When insecure, we don’t think we know anything. We need others to tell us what we know.  We become indecisive and filled with doubt.

Insecurity feeds our fears of failure and rejection, which can lead to the fear to make a mistake. Without mistakes, how would we learn and grow? Of course we have all had moments of these fears. It is when these fears become us that our third chakra becomes traumatized and immobilized.

On the far right side of confidence waits arrogance. Arrogance knows what it knows and everyone else has to know for arrogance to be satisfied. Arrogance has a need to feel superior in an attempt to hide one’s own insecurities. Arrogance is fed by sparking insecurity in others.  

Arrogance and insecurity play well together.  Prove arrogance wrong and insecurity jumps up to take over until arrogance can regain its strength. Confidence will wait in the center as we learn to recognize these imbalances in ourself and eventually choose to heal them.

Healing the third chakra is essential to building a strong foundation built upon certainty. By moving away from insecurity and arrogance and finding the center of confidence, we ground our sense of knowing by removing all doubt of who we came to be.

In Times of Covid, what's in your medicine cabinet?

As Covid runs rampant around us, I thought it a good time to remind everyone of the importance to keep certain medicines on hand just in case. See what makes sense for you and your family. This is what makes sense for me and my family..

There are two homeopathic remedies I take with me wherever I go. Both are used for flu-like symptoms. Both can be ordered on the internet.

Gelsemium is used at the first sign of flu. It has the potential to help relieve symptoms quickly. Gelsemium is also recommended to clients during layers that connect us to trauma that has been stored in the emotional body.

If Gelsemium is not the correct remedy, symptoms may become more intense, Eupatorium may be called upon to help calm the trauma associated with these more intense symptoms. You can read about Eupatorium here.

Flu and trauma are of the same vibration.  When our bodies attract a virus, it may reflect the trauma we have experienced throughout life which is now stored in the physical body. These remedies can help us move away from the trauma and back to the light.

Arnica can also help release old trauma stored in the body that may be re-stimulated during these uncertain times. We also use Arnica to release trauma that has been uncovered during a layer. You can read about Arnica and trauma here:

I had previously written an article that speaks to many of the remedies I have in my own medicine cabinet. You can read this article at the link below if you missed it the first time around.

Consciously choosing to detach from the anger and hatred that has become "normal" behavior in today's society is essential to healing our physical and emotional bodies. Hate has no place in healing; it is the #1 cause of trauma.  Remember to forgive your past, which will take you to loving your present. It is through love that healing is possible.

Chakras 101 - Balancing the Chakras

The chakras are an energy system that guides us toward health. When out of balance, we may experience symptoms that show us exactly what is in need of our attention. Giving our self loving attention begins the process of healing.

For example, the first chakra is connected to our identity. If the 1st chakra is out of balance, we may doubt who we are and what makes us happy. In vibrational healing, we spend a lot of time balancing the first chakra.

So let's look at each chakra to see how each one can be utilized (in its most simplest form) to create joy in our own lives. 

1st chakra – Accept that I AM responsible for my own happiness

2nd chakra – Share truthfully who I AM with others

3rd chakra – Create a safe and secure boundary within MY own sacred space

4th chakra - Understand that the choices I make are mine alone to LOVE 

5th chakra – Recognize that I AM free to change my choices at anytime

6th chakra - ALLOW others to choose differently 

7th chakra - TRUST in myself to be the divine and kind being I AM

Although this sounds simple, most will find it extremely challenging. It is far from what we have been taught. We are taught that our happiness is directly connected to our ability to make others happy. How is that working out for everyone? 

Truth has the ability to take us to love. Yet truth can also expose us to feelings of vulnerability; and vulnerability can lead to fear, which takes us away from love. A bit confusing isn’t it? Enter the power of courage. The courage to follow our truth will overcome the fear and vulnerable feelings, which will then lead us back to truth. And as we know… truth leads us to love and love really does heal all. This divine shift will take all our time, energy and patience… what a powerful use of all three. 

When given the opportunity, the chakras will guide us toward the path of who we came to be… a vessel to help create peace on Earth by first coming to peace with our “self.” 

How Montserrat taught me this new way of being

Bill and I arrived in Montserrat 13 years ago. At the time, the volcano was still active. Many people lost their homes, their businesses, their way of life. Everything they thought was real no longer existed. They had to start anew.

Those who lived through the volcano remember better times on this island. They continue to reminisce about the villages that were buried and the homes they will never see again.  Yet, there are those who have no memory of that past at all. They only know what is here now. They were born after all was said and done.

We did not know the Montserrat of the past. We too arrived after all was said and done. Food was scarce. Finding a head of local lettuce or a bag of local carrots was a moment to celebrate. Chips and salsa set off an alarm announcing to friends and family to get to the market immediately before they were sold out. These little moments brought a smile to our faces. How silly we felt in the midst of such chaos over such trivial things.

It was difficult to explain to those who lived in the land of plenty. I know the world understands now. Montserrat taught me there is hope for a brighter future.

From the ashes new homes were built and new businesses were opened. Ten years ago, the volcano erupted for the final time (we hope), and we are all very grateful. Yet, I still get excited to see the local lettuce and the local carrots. If the markets’ coolers are filled with fresh vegetables, my heart is happy. We’ll eat good this week.

Each year gets better and better. I can now find organic chips, organic beans and organic granola. And the other day I came across organic blue agave! I feel blessed.

This little island survived and taught us to appreciate what we have instead of focusing on what we do not have.

We are all learning a new way of being together. We will not return to the past; we are being catapulted to the future by way of the NOW; and it is a very big push indeed. Obviously, the path we were on was not a healthy one; we all knew it, yet we could not seem to get off it. We were stuck in the muck. This is an opportunity to heal all there is - the air, the water, the land, the animals and us, humankind.

All good things take time, energy and patience. Can we be patient? Can we take the time to witness this change without fearing it?  Can we move beyond the fear and into love? For I truly believe love awaits us on the other side.

Once the fog has cleared and the veil has lifted, we just may enjoy this new way of being. We may realize:

That spending time with our children makes us smile.
That working from home allows us more time with our families.
That being with our families is where we’ve always wanted to be.

You now have the time you’ve always dreamed of and spoken about. There is nowhere to go but right where you are. Be together. Be present. Be happy.

If we believe nothing is by chance…then is it possible this is all part of a divine plan? For those who have been healing, this is the test of your faith. All the work you have done moving beyond your fear, anger, disappointment and guilt will come in handy right now. Use your flower essences as you feel the need for them. Teach others the magic of vibrational healing if they are willing to learn. Share your wisdom and knowledge. The world needs teachers and leaders just like you.

If this is the good vs. evil scenario that has been prophesized over the millennium, I trust that love will overcome the fear if we have the courage to remember who we are: spiritual beings ready to help heal the Earth. Be the spiritual being you came to be. Choose to love through all of it. 

Or you too can choose to succumb to the power of the fear that surrounds you, knowing that the fear will take you into the abyss, which by the way is overflowing right now.  I’m not sure if there is room for you there at the moment anyway.

However, should you find you’ve slipped and fallen into the abyss, I hope you remember that you are free to leave at anytime simply by recognizing you are there, honoring that you stumbled and choosing to get out. How? By realizing that love is waiting to surround you. What can you love at that moment? Think it, speak it, become it.  Become the love you are.

Your friends and families may turn to you for guidance at this time. Be there for them in love. Show them the way. It is as easy to love as it is to fear. I hope you choose love.

As the World Stands Still, What Will YOU Do To Heal Yourself?

I have been asked by a few clients if I would write an article about the recent events. This is really a two-part article. The first gives you an accounting of my belief to heal myself. The second shares a story of hope for the future.  So let me begin with, what would I have in my home right now to help me heal?

First and foremost, some of the major Flower Essence players that may help us through these uncertain times are noted below.  Use your physical body as a barometer to help decide which ones may be best for you and use them as needed. A little flower essence may go a long way to help you get to the other side gracefully.

Mimulus for the fears and anxieties (usually felt in the 3rd chakra digestive system)
Willow for the bitterness, resentments and victim energy (usually felt in the 5th & 6th chakra mucus membranes)
Agrimony to get to the truth of the matter (usually felt in the 1st chakra - bladder and skeletal system as disappointment and guilt)
Aspen for the “what if” fears (usually felt in the 4th chakra heart as worry)
Beech for the intolerance and judgments along with the need to be in control (usually felt in the 5th chakra muscular system)
Elm for feelings of being overwhelmed (often felt in the lower back as back pain)
White Chestnut for inability to sleep (often unable to sleep between 3 and 5 a.m. with constant thinking and worrying)

There are many others. if it interests you, you can learn more about them here:

The physical body will need a lot of attention. I borrowed this quote from the site below: “If the spleen detects potentially dangerous bacteria, viruses, or other microorganisms in the blood, it — along with the lymph nodes — creates white blood cells called lymphocytes, which act as defenders against invaders.”

What if these viruses attack the spleen, and once attacked, it is unable to do its job? It will help if you keep your spleen healthy and happy. This article will show you the way to do just that.

Dandelions grow wild for a very good reason. They are a gentle tonic to help us flush the many toxins we face every day. And we all have a lot of those we are bombarded with. Its good for old and young alike (my opinion). I begin each day with a cup of Dandelion Root Tea

If you find your body in mucus overload, why not consciously avoid the foods that produce mucus, including ALL...
Cow dairy
Oranges and orange juice
White sugars
Refined carbohydrates
Crappy yeasty breads

Speaking of yeast, a good probiotic will help keep your digestive and elimination systems healthy. Yeast is easily sparked by trauma and it loves dark, moist places such as the mucus membranes. Don’t let it get the best of you.

Avoid refined sugars and unhealthy (GMO) foods. The cleaner your food, the better your immune system. Drink pure water. Pure water helps us flush the unhealthy cells, which in turn helps heal the physical body. This is a good time to stop abusing your body with toxins in your food, water and environment.

Utilize any immune enhancers you may have hiding in your closets:
Vitamin C, Elderberry, Echinacea, Goldenseal for infection, Ashwagandha, Astragalus, etc. What’s in your medicine cabinet? Or how about a cup of pure water with a little lemon or lime? An easy source of Vitamin C. You have no excuses!

To learn more about Ashwagandha and Astragalus, see the links below:

My medicine cabinet is full of homeopathic remedies. Now you can understand why. It is my own personal arsenal for healing.

Remember that a walk in nature is not only good exercise, it is a powerful medicine and hugging a tree can be a healing moment for both you and the tree.  So…

Sunshine - lots of sunshine. If you feel your skin burning, it's time to get out of the sun. 20 minutes of sunshine a day is essential.
Fresh air – lots of fresh air and when the sun gets too much, head for the shade.

Want a natural immune booster? Plant a garden. Your own organic food may be the healthiest food around. Cooking is a lot more fun with fresh organic herbs in the garden.

Hyland’s Cell Salts help nourish the cellular level, and BioPlasma (a combination of all 12 salts) may just be what the body ordered.

Learn to relax and play again. Learn to laugh at yourself. We are funny beings. And smile often. If you move the trauma out of the way, you’ll have lots to smile about.
Avoid the low vibration words. What can you be done with today?  “I am done with....”  (you fill in the blank). Now replace those low vibration words with the powerful healing words, such as:

I love
I appreciate
I accept
I am free
I am happy
I am content
I am ready … what are you ready for?

Your cells are following your every thought and word. Where do you want to lead them? And remember, the only thing that is certain is YOU.. NOW. That has always been the truth.

You are in charge of your healing. Go heal yourself and I hope you take your family with you. “Teach your children well…”

Phew! Now that I’ve got that all in place, may I share a little knowledge and experience with you on a personal note? I hope it provides you with hope for the future. Click the link below to continue.

Chakras, Flowers and Love Workshop

Email Linda for more information on how to book a Seminar:

Chakras, Flowers and Love 
A Workshop designed to teach you how to begin healing your physical symptoms and emotional imbalances using flower essences and other vibrational medicines.
For the past 36 years I have been learning an alternative way of healing. This workshop is a culmination of what I have learned. You will be inspired to take responsibility for your own healing journey.
This Workshop will teach you:
  • How the chakras play a role in our development as spiritual beings.
  • How we can use the chakras as a pathway to guiding us toward our true spiritual path.
  • How flower essences help awaken our spirituality by opening the pathway to truth.
  • How cell salts and homeopathic remedies support our cells to heal our physical imbalances.
  • Understanding the role food plays in feeding our emotions or nurturing our souls.
If you have struggled with physical and emotional imbalances, this workshop will show you a new way to honor yourself through truth.. which always leads to love. And love really does heal all.