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What Does it Mean to Heal Vibrationally?

Vibrational healing is the direct opposite of everything we have been taught to believe  through conventional therapies.  Vibrational healing puts the responsibility of health where it belongs... with the individual, not with the person we have hired to HELP guide us in our healing journey (and healing is a journey!).  The most valuable lesson I have learned through this new way of thinking is that to heal, I must release myself from the pains of others as well as the pains of my past. This new understanding allows me to own that which is mine and detach from that which is not.

It is easy to blame, resent and hate what others say, think and do.  This allows us to avoid our own thoughts, words and actions.  We avoid some of our most painful thoughts, words and actions by hiding, denying or burying them; this is where lies begin and truth is lost.  Because truth = love, the loss of truth takes us away from love which also takes us away from our ability to heal our self.

To return to truth, we must come face to face with our own lies.  Some of these lies are very old, passed down as beliefs from one generation to the next. It is these old beliefs that keep us in our patterns of blaming, resenting, feeling guilt and shame, even hating one another. None of these energies will heal anything or anyone. 

Healing takes place when we are able to move through each aspect of who we have become.  All this movement takes time, energy and patience, redirecting the energy we have projected outwardly, inwardly. To do that, I must learn to ask the questions:

  • If I blame others, what am I blaming in myself?
  • If I resent others, what am I resenting in myself?
  • If I feel guilty or shame toward others, what am I guilty and ashamed about in myself?
  • If I hate others, what am I hating in myself?

These questions have the potential to redirect our thoughts to the heart where we can begin to feel our true self.  Otherwise, the brain will continue to distort our truth through unhealthy emotions that turn into excuses that keep us from love.  

Vibrational healing takes us to the “heart” of the matter. Here we have an opportunity to see who we have become while deciding if this is who we now consciously choose to be. We have spent a lifetime avoiding our “self;” it is time to get to know our “self” again.

The pains of our past create the reality in our present.  As we learn to recognize these pains by giving them a name  (blame, resentment, guilt, hatred), we can now treat this pain differently by forgiving our "self" for allowing pain to dictate our choices.  Through the simple act of forgiveness, we open the doorway to loving our choices.  


  1. Hey Linda--

    thanks for this! Now I can be a bit more specific than "well, I'm doing some stuff with that flower essence lady". Looking forward to the next segment.

    1. You are very welcome! My goal is to help those who want to heal at this level an opportunity to understand more about the journey they are partaking! Its all about joy!

  2. Good morning and thank you for these posts.
    A request. Would it be possible for you please elaborate a little more on how to go about the act of forgiveness?
    Thank you.

    1. Good morning: Thank you for that suggestion. We are good at anger because we express anger often; we are good at guilt because we practice "having to" instead of wanting to. If we want to be good at forgiveness, we have to practice using forgiving words. As we recognize our own imbalances, we can begin to forgive ourself. As we recognize our attachments to the pain of others, we can begin to express forgiveness towards them. Practice by speaking, "I forgive..."

    2. Thank you for your quick reply.
      Forgive me for asking more information, could you please write some sample forgiveness statements to get the idea.
      Best wishes for the coming new year 2017.
      Good wishes to you for peace, good health, prosperity and happiness!!

  3. You've already begun.. "forgive me for..." (you fill in the blanks) is a way toward forgiveness. "I'm sorry for..." is another way to move energy, especially if we feel we hurt someone's feelings. Thoughts of pain or anger can be followed by, "I forgive myself," or "I forgive that person," if we know it is attached to an experience with someone else. Its also about changing our own thoughts and words.. which of course takes time, energy and patience. Enjoy!