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Healing the Pains of Our Past Helps Create the Joy in Our Present

A powerful story of what it means to heal vibrationally:

Jane and I have been working together for about 18 months. Her most recent layer emerged at the end of May and by June 11, I received an email sharing what she was experiencing on this layer so far.

THE RECOGNITION:  Jane was about to embark on a trip to Texas with her partner, Paul, when an intense pain revealed itself. “I’ve been going through a lot of draining on this layer. However, I just developed an acute pain in my left back rib cage that I have not experience before. I wonder if you could test that area for me.” 

Of course I was happy to help; however, it surprised me that she said she never experienced this pain before. Layers help us dig up old stuff that is waiting to be healed. Pain is the opportunity to heal it.

“Everything I test is tied to the third chakra and being a “tourist.” The third chakra is all about security, safety and confidence (or in this case, lack thereof). What does that mean to you surrounding this trip?”

Jane shared her concerns: “The security part is that my partner, Paul, is broke right now and I am supporting all our expenses for this trip. It does not feel relaxing when I should be mindful of my spending since we are now a one income family.”

Jane was plugging into something big here and I wanted to take her deeper into the pain. “It seems the layer is revealing a glitch in you that this trip is spurring. Maybe there is more trauma around money than you are recognizing?”

Jane confided that her dad and mom divorced over disagreements on the financials for the family, and she felt her present situation resembled her family history. She was quick to add that she felt her relationship with Paul was very different. Yet, the pain was certainly plugging into an issue in need of attention.

Now came Jane’s big question: “How do I confront this pain?”

That’s not an easy question to answer. We are all unique and different. What I could do was share with Jane my own experiences that enabled me to free stuck energy that had manifested in my pain body. This is what I shared with her.

“As my own thoughts and feelings emerged, I learned to share them truthfully, holding nothing back. This is the way in which I learned to free myself from pain. Is your pain waiting for you to dislodge it with truth? My suggestion is to share with Paul your truth around the trip and money issues. Make sure he understands that this is your pain and is not about him, its about you, and its ready for you to heal. Be thankful he is there to support you through this.”

CHANGING PAIN TO LOVE: The following day I received the following report from Jane:

“I’ve had quite the transformation over the past 24 hours. I spoke with Paul and shared our emails. I cried about our finances and allowed myself to detach from the worries around money. This was the beginning of releasing the pain around my ribcage. I later started to feel better. I was more mobile and the pain started to subside. I was moving past the pain. I enjoyed a bike tour and met an old girlfriend for dinner. The rest of the trip became therapeutic. Now back home, I feel a different energy flowing through me. The pain put my focus on me and forced me to vocalize my feelings and emotions. Even Paul noticed a difference in my energy and aura. I am starting to realize the value in taking time for myself.”

THE REALIZATION: Jane was realizing that to heal we must go through the pains of our past to get to the joys in our present, and there is a lot of joy waiting to be discovered once we move the pain out of the way. Truth does that beautifully. 

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