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Not all Supplements are Created Equal!

The link below raises concerns over the vast amount of companies who jumped on the supplement band wagon and who give supplements a bad name. If you want effective results, use effective products. I think its worth the read.

Having shared that, now please allow me to share a bit more:

Healing begins with a commitment to change one’s unhealthy thoughts and behaviors. To do this we must separate what is healthy from what is not, which always takes us to truth. 

Our programming has taught us to believe that IF “he does that” or “she says this” then “I” will be happy. As we heal, we begin to see that this programming is an untruth that we have come to believe, wasting our precious time and energy. If I am not happy, then is it time to change ME instead of you?

Change begins with a reprogramming of cells, one group at a time. These groups of cells become a protective shield that ensures a continuation of our unhealthy patterns. Why would we do that? The unhealthy patterns have become our comfort zone. It is this belief that causes the cells to resist change for fear of leaving our perceived comforts.

How can we begin to change that which feels unchangeable? We may need a little help from our friends and vibrational medicines can be very powerful friends indeed. 

Vibrational medicines give us that little push to successfully begin the process of changing our resistant cells. Some of these medicines are used to wash the cells in need of cleansing; others to flush the cells in need of flushing; and others to remove toxins from the system. Finally, some are used to help reprogram the cells that are now ready and willing to be reprogrammed. This is a monumental moment that over time has the potential to stimulate healing through truth.

For vibrational medicines to be effective, they too must be truthful in what they contain. However, the truth is, ALL MEDICINES ARE NOT CREATED EQUAL. When a client informs me that a supplement they purchased was ineffective, my first question is, “What product did you buy?” Often I am told, “I bought it at Walmart.” That’s problem #1.  Cheap products may contain cheap ingredients or none at all. 

After reading the above article, I thought it important to share some of the products I have found to be effective over the years. If you want results, pay the extra few dollars to ensure you are buying effective healing supplements. 

Natures Plus Vitamins & Herbal Supplements
Rainbow Light Vitamins
Twinlab Vitamins
Natures Way Supplements
Natures Herbs Supplements
Herb Pharm 
Gaia Herbs
Bach Flower Essences
Hylands Homeopathics
Boiron Homeopathic Medicines
Quantum Research
Child Life Essentials
Herbs for Kids

Standard Process is another highly regarded company that is often recommended by health professionals.

Its not to say that this list is all-inclusive. These are simply the products I have trusted over the past 30 years to ensure the results we are hoping to achieve. I am sure there are many more wonderful products out there that can help in our healing journey.. what products have you grown to trust?

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