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Learning to Love My Sacred Space

When working with a client, I may ask, “What are you doing in their space?” (I still ask myself that very same question from time to time.) For those who are beginning a spiritual journey, these words can feel daunting and confusing.

I may be asked by that client, “How am I in their space?” 

My answer is very simple, “The moment I blame someone else for my feelings is the moment I have entered that person’s space.”

Most of us have been taught to believe that someone else is responsible for my happiness. “If he/she does that I’ll be happy.” The truth is, the one person responsible for my happiness is ME. That is why, in vibrational healing, we spend a considerable amount of time in our first chakra.

The first chakra separates me from everyone else. It allows me to see that I am responsible for MY thoughts, MY words and MY actions. The first chakra kindles a truth that reminds me, “If I am not happy with MY choices, I am free to change them at anytime.” Vibrational healing awakens me to the reality that it may be time to remove myself from their space so I can begin the task of fixing my own space, which obviously is in dire need of my attention.

When I am not honoring my first chakra, I may find myself drowning in the energy of disappointments. I may choose to feel guilty, ashamed and even regret the choices I make. I may become impatient with myself and blame others for my disappointing behaviors. 

If I take the time to watch myself, I may begin to understand that this moment is actually an opportunity to heal a behavior that no longer serves me. That person or situation may have stimulated this feeling in me; however, this feeling belongs to me... separate from them. I am now free to change my behaviors into appreciating that person or situation for allowing me this opportunity to heal myself. 

Once we understand this concept, we can then take it to a higher spiritual level by speaking the truth: “I’m sorry; I don’t belong in your space. Please forgive me.” These are powerful words that direct my feelings back to where they belong .. to ME by way of my first chakra. Self responsibility is key here. My ability to own that which is mine and separate from that which is yours allows healing to begin.

Instead of blaming someone else for my feelings, I can begin to appreciate them for being part of my healing journey. The victim becomes the appreciator; a very powerful step that will one day lead me to loving my choices... and love really does heal all.


  1. greetings! your explanation of being in someone else space when we complain/blame sounds very different and logical too!new perspective for me. thanks.
    my query,now, is how do we perceive and handle when
    1)i/we are blamed for failing or falling short of the other's expectation or
    2)i/we refuse to do their bidding or
    3)refuse to help them out when they try to pass on their responsibilities ?
    By and large it creates resentment,guilt,discomfort, pettiness and a lot of friction.
    Can you share a perspective to heal ourselves from this? Should we apply the same logic and say it's 'their disappointment' and 'their self-pity' etc.that they need to address and deal with?
    Thank you.