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If You're Not Crying.. Its Not Working!

From one client to another:

Sandy: “I can’t stop crying on this layer.”
Johnny: “If you’re not crying; its not working!”

When Sandy shared this conversation with me, she had already passed through much of her tears and understood John’s insight.

As I share with most of my clients, “To get to the joy in the present, we must go through the pains of the past.” And often times, our pains bring us to tears. What might these tears represent?  That was a question I wanted answered. This is the answer that was revealed.

The tears we release through vibrational healing can be attached to one of four emotional states that have surfaced through previous layers and are now hidden in the 6th chakra (the third eye):

  • disappointments
  • fears
  • insecurities
  • irritations

Prior to surfacing, these energies are stored in the appropriate areas of the body, waiting to be discovered:

Disappointments - in the kidneys/bladder
Fears - in the gall bladder
Insecurities - in the 3rd chakra
Irritations - in the throat

Throughout our layers, we are in a constant state of shifting, moving, flushing, re-arranging, and aligning the cells to who we want to be now as opposed to who we had become through our past experiences. Tears are one of the many ways the body helps us to discharge the aspects of ourself we no longer need, which can feel very sad. We release the person we once were. This energy is much like mourning the death of an old friendship; and like an old friendship that no longer serves us, its time to let it go. Its time to move beyond the pain.

We don’t have the need to cry on all our layers. There are others ways the body detoxes energy as we heal. The body may use:

The skin to detox anger
The urinary system to detox disappointments
The elimination system to detox impatience
The digestive system to detox fear
The mucus membranes to detox resentments and victim 

Often, we don’t trust our bodies to know how to heal itself, so we choose to stop the process. When we learn to trust ourself, we trust that our cells know the process and allow it to emerge, as painful as it might be.

So when a client contacts me to say they can’t stop crying on a layer, my suggestion is always the same: let the tears flow. Behind the wall of tears is something much deeper that we have been avoiding. Allowing ourselves to cry will get us to the next level in need of our attention.

My job is to help you through the pain so you too can get to your joy. And there is much joy to be shared. I know.. I’ve been there. And now I’m here, knowing that I am in charge of creating the joy in my life. I hope you let the joy begin...


  1. I cry a lot easier today and consider it a gift and progress of inner work. Releasing the inner armor of protection. SO grateful for the work you do!

  2. Thank you so much Steven for your kind words. I too learned the importance of tears in healing. Its funny how often I hear parents say, "don't cry." I have learned to say... "let the tears flow." :)