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Healing the Games We Play

As we heal at higher vibrational levels, we have this moment of clarity: Life is filled with games and we have been unconsciously playing these games with silly rules. Vibrational healing helps us consciously choose new rules to play by. 

One of the first games we are taught is “Hide and Don’t Seek:”  

From a very early age, we are told:
“Don’t say that”
“Don’t do that”
“Don’t hurt their feelings”

In order to be accepted and feel loved, we succumb to this nonsense.  We stop expressing our true feelings and learn to hide are true self.  We hide ourselves so well, in fact, that truth is no longer part of the game. 

As we heal vibrationally, one of our first charges is to find our hiding places and uncover the energies we have hidden there.  Once found, we can interject new rules that will allow us to change our old patterns of behavior until one day we learn to “love our choices now."

Another game we often play is “Tug of War.”  We play this game each time we feel the NEED to be right.  The need to be right is a push/pull energy that is felt by all parties and creates discourse in our relationships.  Each time we judge, control, criticize or become irritated, we keep this game alive by sending out an energy that says, “I am right and you are wrong.” 

In the physical Tug of War game, the first person who DROPS the rope LOSES the game. In vibrational Tug of War, the first person who DROPS the rope WINS the game. Allowing the rope to drop eliminates the need to be right.  It does not mean we have to think or feel the same as the other person; it does not mean we have to agree with the other person.  Dropping the rope simply means we are choosing to respect and honor our differences.

All of these games are played on our personal chess board and we are the King or Queen of our board. Rooks, bishops and knights will come onto our board to help guide and support us in our healing.  We may choose to invite these players back to our board often and encourage them to stay awhile. 

We may also attract pawns to our game. Pawns often create havoc and chaos; they may even try to destroy our kingdom.  As we learn to play Chess vibrationally, we will get better and better at recognizing these destructive pawns.  Vibrational healing puts the responsibility of allowing these pawns onto our board where it belongs: with the King or Queen. Vibrational Healing also teaches us to escort these pawns away from our board as quickly as possible. As the King or Queen of my chess game, it is my charge to ensure my board is maintained within a safe, secure and happy environment.

Vibrational healing reminds us every day that: “I am responsible for the rules I have allowed in my games.”  It takes persistence, perseverance and dedication to change the rules I have been playing for so long. Changing these outdated rules allows me to become me... the real me... the me I choose to be now.

To heal, I must stop compromising my “self” for the needs of others.  I have been trying to make my square peg fit into someone else’s round hole, and I can finally see that it simply won’t fit.  Healing encourages me to love my square peg, which is separate, unique and different.  Some may even think me weird for being so square.

Yes, when we become who we truly are, others will think us weird.  I hope you learn through your own healing that weird is wonderful.  


  1. Wowwww! This is an awesome eye-opener!!That I am responsible solely, for every thought, emotion and action and for my conduct towards others!!
    How do I raise my intuition or the 'knowing' to do the 'right' thing? Through meditation? Can you please explain some more. Thank you.

  2. Thank you for writing. And I am happy your eyes are opening. Is there a "right" thing? Should we rephrase that comment to ... How do I raise my intuition or knowing to see the truth? Awareness helps us to do that. Witnessing without judgment is another step toward truth. It is not my job to fix everyone's thoughts and beliefs. its my job to fix my own. When I think or speak and it does not feel comfortable, I have more work to do. When I think and speak and I feel happy and free, then I am on the path to healing. Healing frees me to be me. The truth is... the only one who has to be happy with my choices is me. If I am happy with my choices, then they are healthy choices for me. And if I find I am not happy with one of my choices, I am free to change that choice at anytime. Learn to speak these words often.. I forgive and I love. Two very powerful energies that help us heal. What can you love today?

  3. Lovely explanation! Beautifully said. I did miss the whole point of your article by using the word "right" thing. I stand corrected. Thank you for putting it across so well. It is going to be a big time shift to grasp and practice 'its not my job to fix everyone's thoughts and belief, it's my job to fix my own '
    Thank you for sharing ways to raise my intuition, to see the truth and that i'm free to change my choices(this last releases a lot of guilt feelings). And for the powerful energies of 'I forgive' and 'I love'
    No more excuses or blame game!! CHOOSE and/or CHANGE!
    Thank you very much.