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Learning to Love My Life - From Depression to Joy

Recently, I opened an email from a client and read these words:

“You're not going to believe this.... but I actually DO LOVE MY LIFE!!!!! I'm not sure what the heck is happening but this is now my truth. My life is absolutely amazing and I know this now in my heart.” 

I believed it; Karen was healing.

Karen and I began working together February of 2016. Since that time, we’ve had 8 sessions. For the first time in over 34 years, I was able to easily document a client’s healing journey. By documenting Karen’s layers, I am able to share how healing takes place using flower essences. This is Karen’s story:

Karen’s first session began with her admitting that she was sad all the time. She felt life was passing her by. She had a vision for her business yet she could not manifest that vision. Discouragement became a way of being. She also admitted that beyond her sadness and discouragement she had an attentive husband, a wonderful child and a beautiful home. She could not help but wonder, “why am I always so sad?” That was a question I wanted to help answer.

For the first three layers, Karen continued to feel discouragements; she was becoming impatient with her healing. I reminded her that healing takes time, energy and patience. Was she willing to commit to the long haul? I encouraged her to keep going; don’t give up. However, the ultimate decision was hers. What would she do? Karen continued to call me at the end of each layer. 

It took a little over a year for the big shift to occur. When it did, it was magical. These are the flower essences Karen used and what she was working to heal on each layer:

Date of Session
Flower Essences Used
# of Days for Layer
What Karen Worked on 
During the Layer
Mimulus, Gorse, Honeysuckle
Gorse, Mimulus
Not good enough; not smart enough; comparing myself to others
Chicory, Gorse
Freedom & separation from Mother issues, learn to nurture myself
Gentian, Impatience
Disappointment with my competitive personality; watching how much time I spend worrying about the future
Agrimony, Holly
Change “I don’t” into “I do”
Holly, Gentian, Mimulus
Not strong enough; doubting my own skills
Recognize the belief that time is running out; learn to love my life
Gentian, Vervain
Free myself from insecurities; learn to speak positively

The first six layers taught Karen to slow down and appreciate what is instead of what isn’t. Karen was good at focussing on what she did not do. No matter what Karen accomplished in a day, it was never enough. She had a long standing belief that time was running out, which fed her constant state of discouragement and impatience. What she needed to focus on is what she did do; and she did a great deal. 

Through the layers, Karen began to recognize her need to slow down and smell the roses. She was missing her wonderful life, focussing instead on a life she thought she needed to have. All of this rushing to get somewhere was wasting precious energy; which created exhaustion and depression.

When Vervain was introduced this past January, a noticeable shift occurred. Vervain helped Karen ground into her 1st chakra, allowing her to slow down and relax. Vervain gave her the focus she needed to begin manifesting with patience and determination. Karen’s beliefs began to change, and a change in a belief is often followed by a change in emotion. Karen was learning how to heal herself.

Flower essences help us recognize the pain we’ve become attached to throughout our lives. Our physical bodies show us our emotional pain by manifesting symptoms that cannot be denied. Our ability to recognize our symptoms as emotional pain opens a doorway of opportunity to change ourself. The flower essences Karen used throughout her healing layers helped her to move through her pain and into her joy. This is how it worked:

Flower Essence
How each flower Helped Karen Heal
To manifest the courage to let go of fears and insecurities
To see the light at the end of the tunnel
To detach from her past beliefs
To free herself from the need to possess and control
To remember that life is exciting
To learn patience; to learn to relax
To come to the truth of who she really is
To learn to think with her heart
To slow down and smell the roses

Karen’s most recent layer beginning on 3/1/17 confirmed a shift. “You told me that I might start experiencing EXCITEMENT for my life and possibilities again, and this is now happening.” 

Healing may not be easy; it is rewarding. What the future holds for Karen remains to be experienced. What she has learned throughout her layers is that love is a choice. Karen is now choosing to love her life, and love really does heal all.

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