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Coming Face to Face... what does it really mean?

Writing words on water bottles can be a very powerful experience. As we delve deeper into water bottle therapy, we are coming face to face with different aspects of our self. What does coming “face to face” actually mean in our physical reality?

Recently, a client expressed: “You said this layer would bring me face to face with freedom. Yet, throughout the entire layer, all I saw were situations that keep me from feeling free.”

That was an “ah-ha” moment. Had I misunderstood what “face to face” means through our healing experiences? Had I assumed “face to face” was to be witnessed on its ‘face’ value? I asked if we could do some “testing” to find out exactly what face to face really means. This is what we learned together.

When we come face to face with an energy, what we may notice are the emotions and/or beliefs that keep us from getting to the desired outcome. If you are moving toward the energy of freedom, you may be faced with situations and circumstances that stimulate guilt. Or, if you are coming face to face with love, you may be faced with situations and circumstances that stimulate anger, hatred or jealousy. 

These moments appear as opportunities to recognize who we have become and what we are in need of healing. This is a very intimate and sometimes painful moment. However, it can also be a very freeing experience if we realize it is this very moment that I am free to change me. My healing is no longer about anyone or anything outside of myself.

Our guilt, our anger, our fears, our hatreds have become our protective barriers that are trained to keep us safe. This energy has become the foundation of our belief system. Because these cells are determined to do their job, they will resist this moment of change. It is much like a soldier guarding the gate, performing a job to the end. 

It takes all of our will to change resistant cells; it takes time, energy and patience. It is through our insistence and certainty to change that will allow the resistant cells to one day trust in the new process; a very powerful moment indeed.

As you recognize your unhealthy behaviors, take a moment to stop and breathe. That may be just the time you need to change you.... one resistant cell at a time.

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