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Does Healing Have to be Painful?

“Why does healing have to be painful?” This was a question I was asked by a client who went through painful moments during many of her layers. I thought it a very good question. However, in order to receive answers using kinesiology, I had to tweak the question a little to: “Does healing have to be painful?” The answer I received was an adamant, “No, healing does not have to be painful.” I was delighted with that response. My next question was, “If healing does not have to be painful, what causes the pains we experience through healing?”

“There really is no pain. The pain we feel is the perceived pain we have attached to the experience.” This opened a Pandora’s box for me and I wanted to know more. The more I asked, the more that was clarified.

“If we don't attach pain to an experience, there will be no pain to heal. It comes down to free will; choice. Which is why love is so important. If we can learn to love our experiences, we can avoid pain in the future.”  In other words, the pain we are experiencing in the present is the pain we have chosen to attach to our past experiences. Once we go through the pains of our past, we hopefully will recognize the joy that surrounds us. As we learn to love our experiences, there is no need for pain.

One of the ways to love our experiences is to honor our bodies throughout our healing journey. There are many ways to achieve this goal. These are a few I have found extremely helpful. 

Our lymph system gets clogged each time we focus on what we “hate” in our lives. Hatred is stored in the lymphatic system. Lymphatic massage can help break down and release this stuck energy. Always begin slowly to avoid toxins to be released too quickly. I like Heather’s videos to learn how to do this process; however, I believe 50 cycles is most likely way too much for most of us when we are beginning a new technique. Go slowly and listen to your body. It has a way of speaking to us. You can watch Heather’s videos at the link below:

Meditation calms the mind and allows us to get in touch with who we have become. It is through the recognition process that we are able to change ourself. There are many meditations on the internet. Find ones that work for you. This is a beautiful 15-minute meditation for the heart which can be quite helpful when we are learning how to forgive and love again. Love is who we are.

The body is designed to move, so move your body. This can be achieved through exercise, running, walking, dancing, swimming, yoga, stretching. Whatever feels good to you is good for your body. If you are not loving the movement you’ve chosen to heal through, change it. That is in your power.

There are many alternative therapies at our disposal. Find the ones that work for you. Massage, Reiki, Reflexology, CranioSacral Therapy, EFT are just a few. Once in a while treat yourself to something special.

Real food and pure water are essential to heal. I cannot stress this enough. The better you are at avoiding chemicals in your food and water, the faster your body can flush toxins. At first your taste buds may resist these new flavors. Remind them that this is a new way for you and keep tasting. Eventually, you will adjust to this new way of honoring and loving yourself through food.

Vibrational medicines such as flower essences, homeopathy, vitamin and herbal supplements can support us as we move through the pain. They help us open doorways we have shut, move pain out of the way and recognize pain for what it is. Vibrational medicines also help support and nurture a healthy foundation by balancing chakras, glands and organs.

Take a few minutes each day to do what you want to do when you want to do it. Love is key to healing. If you are not loving a choice you made, remember, you are free to change it in any moment. Then love that you did!

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  1. After I posted this blog, a client wrote to me and commented:

    "But FEELING our feelings can be “painful”, so the article doesn’t quite work. Maybe the definition of “painful” needs some clarification. Feeling sadness or grief is painful; maybe not in a crazy way, but it doesn’t feel good when you’re going through it."

    Here is my answer to her comment:

    "Emotional pain is the same energy as physical pain. Emotions can create the physical pains we experience and visa versa. As we heal, we move through these pains (whether physical or emotional) to release them and fill that void with loving the present moment. Each moment is an opportunity to grow and learn more about who we are... and that can be very exciting indeed! :) In the end, it is hoped we love our responses to our experiences instead of attaching something painful to them."

    I hope that clarifies it a bit more for everyone...