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Self Nurturing vs. Selfishness - what is the difference?

The bell tower in Ponta Delgata
From a young age, we are taught that if we don’t do what other people expect of us, we are being selfish. We spend our whole lives trying to make other people happy to the detriment of our own happiness. Vibrational healing teaches us a different way. It teaches us the way to self nurturing. What is the difference?

If we are to heal vibrationally, we will spend a lot of time healing the 1st chakra. It is here we learn to separate ourself from others:

I am responsible for MY choices; 
I am not responsible for everyone else’s choices.

It is up to ME if I am happy;
It is not up to everyone else to make me happy.

If I find I am not loving a choice I have made,
I am FREE to change MY choice. 

And yet, these concepts are foreign to most of us. We are constantly looking outwardly for that person to say this or do that so THEY can make ME happy. Instead of living in my first chakra, I live in my second chakra.. giving away my choices to those around me.

It is through the first chakra that we help our cells remember that self nurturing is not selfish. I had the opportunity recently to see how much I have healed my own first chakra and my ability to nurture myself through my choices. Here is my story:

Bill and I recently vacationed in the Azore islands. On our last day, we had 3 hours between checking out of the villa and making our way to the airport. We spent the morning in Ponte Delgata. Ponte Delgata is a beautiful little city, with many sites to see. From two blocks away, my sights were set on an old bell tower that rose above all the other buildings nearby.

“See that church? I want to go in it.” I have learned not to deny that which I am drawn to. We headed toward the bell tower and made our way up the stairs where a gentleman stood in front of the doorway. “Is this a church?” I asked. 

“No, this is the Mayor’s office.” He moved slightly, revealing that the insides were filled with offices and not church pews. Without pause, he replied, “YOU want to go there.” He immediately pointed down the stairs and to the left of the building. I have learned to honor divine guidance; I followed his finger.

Bill and I walked back down the stairs and took a left around the building. One block later, I came to a medieval doorway. Here housed the stairway to heaven.. or more appropriately in this case, the stairway to the top of the bell tower. 

The stairway to the top
The staircase beckoned me in. Built in 1724, it felt ancient and inviting all at the same time. I immediately looked to Bill, “Do you want to go up?” 

He gave me that weird look and adamantly replied, “No.”

It would be at this point that the unhealthy me would have denied what I wanted and followed his strong direction. Then I could have felt disappointed that I did not climb the bell tower and eventually blame him for my actions. That was the old me. The new me did not hedge for a second, “I AM!”

After twelve years, Bill knows me well. His reply was perfect. “I know you are. I’ll be sitting on those stairs waiting for you to come down.” 

The unhealthy me may have also been disappointed that he chose not to join me. I could then resent him for not doing what I wanted him to do. That was the old me. The new me did what made me happy and allowed him to do the same. Up the staircase I went. During the entire climb of 109 steps to the top, there was not another soul to be found. This spiritual experience was between me and the bell tower. I savored every moment.

I realized that if Bill had forced himself to join me against his will, it may not have been such a spiritual experience. It may have been a moment in which I would work to ensure he enjoyed the experience as much as me, which is often a waste of one’s time and energy. 

This takes us to that healing moment I spoke about: I KNOW that I am free to do what I want when I want, and so is Bill. He was happy people watching at the bottom of the tower, I was happy viewing the sights at the top. It was a win/win situation for both of us, and that is what a healthy first chakra feels like... loving my choices separately from yours.

Learning to Love My Life - From Depression to Joy

Recently, I opened an email from a client and read these words:

“You're not going to believe this.... but I actually DO LOVE MY LIFE!!!!! I'm not sure what the heck is happening but this is now my truth. My life is absolutely amazing and I know this now in my heart.” 

I believed it; Karen was healing.

Karen and I began working together February of 2016. Since that time, we’ve had 8 sessions. For the first time in over 34 years, I was able to easily document a client’s healing journey. By documenting Karen’s layers, I am able to share how healing takes place using flower essences. This is Karen’s story:

Karen’s first session began with her admitting that she was sad all the time. She felt life was passing her by. She had a vision for her business yet she could not manifest that vision. Discouragement became a way of being. She also admitted that beyond her sadness and discouragement she had an attentive husband, a wonderful child and a beautiful home. She could not help but wonder, “why am I always so sad?” That was a question I wanted to help answer.

For the first three layers, Karen continued to feel discouragements; she was becoming impatient with her healing. I reminded her that healing takes time, energy and patience. Was she willing to commit to the long haul? I encouraged her to keep going; don’t give up. However, the ultimate decision was hers. What would she do? Karen continued to call me at the end of each layer. 

It took a little over a year for the big shift to occur. When it did, it was magical. These are the flower essences Karen used and what she was working to heal on each layer:

Date of Session
Flower Essences Used
# of Days for Layer
What Karen Worked on 
During the Layer
Mimulus, Gorse, Honeysuckle
Gorse, Mimulus
Not good enough; not smart enough; comparing myself to others
Chicory, Gorse
Freedom & separation from Mother issues, learn to nurture myself
Gentian, Impatience
Disappointment with my competitive personality; watching how much time I spend worrying about the future
Agrimony, Holly
Change “I don’t” into “I do”
Holly, Gentian, Mimulus
Not strong enough; doubting my own skills
Recognize the belief that time is running out; learn to love my life
Gentian, Vervain
Free myself from insecurities; learn to speak positively

The first six layers taught Karen to slow down and appreciate what is instead of what isn’t. Karen was good at focussing on what she did not do. No matter what Karen accomplished in a day, it was never enough. She had a long standing belief that time was running out, which fed her constant state of discouragement and impatience. What she needed to focus on is what she did do; and she did a great deal. 

Through the layers, Karen began to recognize her need to slow down and smell the roses. She was missing her wonderful life, focussing instead on a life she thought she needed to have. All of this rushing to get somewhere was wasting precious energy; which created exhaustion and depression.

When Vervain was introduced this past January, a noticeable shift occurred. Vervain helped Karen ground into her 1st chakra, allowing her to slow down and relax. Vervain gave her the focus she needed to begin manifesting with patience and determination. Karen’s beliefs began to change, and a change in a belief is often followed by a change in emotion. Karen was learning how to heal herself.

Flower essences help us recognize the pain we’ve become attached to throughout our lives. Our physical bodies show us our emotional pain by manifesting symptoms that cannot be denied. Our ability to recognize our symptoms as emotional pain opens a doorway of opportunity to change ourself. The flower essences Karen used throughout her healing layers helped her to move through her pain and into her joy. This is how it worked:

Flower Essence
How each flower Helped Karen Heal
To manifest the courage to let go of fears and insecurities
To see the light at the end of the tunnel
To detach from her past beliefs
To free herself from the need to possess and control
To remember that life is exciting
To learn patience; to learn to relax
To come to the truth of who she really is
To learn to think with her heart
To slow down and smell the roses

Karen’s most recent layer beginning on 3/1/17 confirmed a shift. “You told me that I might start experiencing EXCITEMENT for my life and possibilities again, and this is now happening.” 

Healing may not be easy; it is rewarding. What the future holds for Karen remains to be experienced. What she has learned throughout her layers is that love is a choice. Karen is now choosing to love her life, and love really does heal all.

Learning to Love My Sacred Space

When working with a client, I may ask, “What are you doing in their space?” (I still ask myself that very same question from time to time.) For those who are beginning a spiritual journey, these words can feel daunting and confusing.

I may be asked by that client, “How am I in their space?” 

My answer is very simple, “The moment I blame someone else for my feelings is the moment I have entered that person’s space.”

Most of us have been taught to believe that someone else is responsible for my happiness. “If he/she does that I’ll be happy.” The truth is, the one person responsible for my happiness is ME. That is why, in vibrational healing, we spend a considerable amount of time in our first chakra.

The first chakra separates me from everyone else. It allows me to see that I am responsible for MY thoughts, MY words and MY actions. The first chakra kindles a truth that reminds me, “If I am not happy with MY choices, I am free to change them at anytime.” Vibrational healing awakens me to the reality that it may be time to remove myself from their space so I can begin the task of fixing my own space, which obviously is in dire need of my attention.

When I am not honoring my first chakra, I may find myself drowning in the energy of disappointments. I may choose to feel guilty, ashamed and even regret the choices I make. I may become impatient with myself and blame others for my disappointing behaviors. 

If I take the time to watch myself, I may begin to understand that this moment is actually an opportunity to heal a behavior that no longer serves me. That person or situation may have stimulated this feeling in me; however, this feeling belongs to me... separate from them. I am now free to change my behaviors into appreciating that person or situation for allowing me this opportunity to heal myself. 

Once we understand this concept, we can then take it to a higher spiritual level by speaking the truth: “I’m sorry; I don’t belong in your space. Please forgive me.” These are powerful words that direct my feelings back to where they belong .. to ME by way of my first chakra. Self responsibility is key here. My ability to own that which is mine and separate from that which is yours allows healing to begin.

Instead of blaming someone else for my feelings, I can begin to appreciate them for being part of my healing journey. The victim becomes the appreciator; a very powerful step that will one day lead me to loving my choices... and love really does heal all.

Coming Face to Face... what does it really mean?

Writing words on water bottles can be a very powerful experience. As we delve deeper into water bottle therapy, we are coming face to face with different aspects of our self. What does coming “face to face” actually mean in our physical reality?

Recently, a client expressed: “You said this layer would bring me face to face with freedom. Yet, throughout the entire layer, all I saw were situations that keep me from feeling free.”

That was an “ah-ha” moment. Had I misunderstood what “face to face” means through our healing experiences? Had I assumed “face to face” was to be witnessed on its ‘face’ value? I asked if we could do some “testing” to find out exactly what face to face really means. This is what we learned together.

When we come face to face with an energy, what we may notice are the emotions and/or beliefs that keep us from getting to the desired outcome. If you are moving toward the energy of freedom, you may be faced with situations and circumstances that stimulate guilt. Or, if you are coming face to face with love, you may be faced with situations and circumstances that stimulate anger, hatred or jealousy. 

These moments appear as opportunities to recognize who we have become and what we are in need of healing. This is a very intimate and sometimes painful moment. However, it can also be a very freeing experience if we realize it is this very moment that I am free to change me. My healing is no longer about anyone or anything outside of myself.

Our guilt, our anger, our fears, our hatreds have become our protective barriers that are trained to keep us safe. This energy has become the foundation of our belief system. Because these cells are determined to do their job, they will resist this moment of change. It is much like a soldier guarding the gate, performing a job to the end. 

It takes all of our will to change resistant cells; it takes time, energy and patience. It is through our insistence and certainty to change that will allow the resistant cells to one day trust in the new process; a very powerful moment indeed.

As you recognize your unhealthy behaviors, take a moment to stop and breathe. That may be just the time you need to change you.... one resistant cell at a time.

Vibrational Healing Through The Chakras


To spark a truth within each one of us regarding the unique personalities associated with the individual chakras and to recognize how these personalities can enhance or disrupt our ability to heal physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Linda offers two powerful classes to help heal through the chakras:

Part I: Awakening with flower essences 

A 2-hour workshop designed to teach you the flower essences that help awaken us to healing. Flower essences are vibrational medicines that allow us to see through the eyes of truth instead of the eyes of the emotion.  

Part II: Vibrational healing through the Chakras 

A 2- hour workshop designed to help you recognize the chakra personalities that have the greatest affect on our ability to heal on the physical plane.  The more we understand the vibrations that help or hinder our healing journey, the faster we can begin moving the energy that has become stuck within our bodies.  

Linda's classes are offered at locations throughout the Northeast. To schedule a Workshop at your healing location, contact linda at

Feedback from past attendees:
  • Pam B. - “This was a totally different way of understanding the energies of the chakras. This puts a new light on the powers they engage within our bodies.  It is always great to work with teachers that empower their students.”
  • George R. -  "This class will help accelerate my journey of healing as I now better understand the chakras."
  • Shelly M. -  "I loved the correlation of the chakras to the healing of flowers."
  • Eileen M. - "I love watching you in action do muscle testing and teaching.  The information felt comprehensive."

Healing the Pains of Our Past Helps Create the Joy in Our Present

A powerful story of what it means to heal vibrationally:

Jane and I have been working together for about 18 months. Her most recent layer emerged at the end of May and by June 11, I received an email sharing what she was experiencing on this layer so far.

THE RECOGNITION:  Jane was about to embark on a trip to Texas with her partner, Paul, when an intense pain revealed itself. “I’ve been going through a lot of draining on this layer. However, I just developed an acute pain in my left back rib cage that I have not experience before. I wonder if you could test that area for me.” 

Of course I was happy to help; however, it surprised me that she said she never experienced this pain before. Layers help us dig up old stuff that is waiting to be healed. Pain is the opportunity to heal it.

“Everything I test is tied to the third chakra and being a “tourist.” The third chakra is all about security, safety and confidence (or in this case, lack thereof). What does that mean to you surrounding this trip?”

Jane shared her concerns: “The security part is that my partner, Paul, is broke right now and I am supporting all our expenses for this trip. It does not feel relaxing when I should be mindful of my spending since we are now a one income family.”

Jane was plugging into something big here and I wanted to take her deeper into the pain. “It seems the layer is revealing a glitch in you that this trip is spurring. Maybe there is more trauma around money than you are recognizing?”

Jane confided that her dad and mom divorced over disagreements on the financials for the family, and she felt her present situation resembled her family history. She was quick to add that she felt her relationship with Paul was very different. Yet, the pain was certainly plugging into an issue in need of attention.

Now came Jane’s big question: “How do I confront this pain?”

That’s not an easy question to answer. We are all unique and different. What I could do was share with Jane my own experiences that enabled me to free stuck energy that had manifested in my pain body. This is what I shared with her.

“As my own thoughts and feelings emerged, I learned to share them truthfully, holding nothing back. This is the way in which I learned to free myself from pain. Is your pain waiting for you to dislodge it with truth? My suggestion is to share with Paul your truth around the trip and money issues. Make sure he understands that this is your pain and is not about him, its about you, and its ready for you to heal. Be thankful he is there to support you through this.”

CHANGING PAIN TO LOVE: The following day I received the following report from Jane:

“I’ve had quite the transformation over the past 24 hours. I spoke with Paul and shared our emails. I cried about our finances and allowed myself to detach from the worries around money. This was the beginning of releasing the pain around my ribcage. I later started to feel better. I was more mobile and the pain started to subside. I was moving past the pain. I enjoyed a bike tour and met an old girlfriend for dinner. The rest of the trip became therapeutic. Now back home, I feel a different energy flowing through me. The pain put my focus on me and forced me to vocalize my feelings and emotions. Even Paul noticed a difference in my energy and aura. I am starting to realize the value in taking time for myself.”

THE REALIZATION: Jane was realizing that to heal we must go through the pains of our past to get to the joys in our present, and there is a lot of joy waiting to be discovered once we move the pain out of the way. Truth does that beautifully. 

Not all Supplements are Created Equal!

The link below raises concerns over the vast amount of companies who jumped on the supplement band wagon and who give supplements a bad name. If you want effective results, use effective products. I think its worth the read.

Having shared that, now please allow me to share a bit more:

Healing begins with a commitment to change one’s unhealthy thoughts and behaviors. To do this we must separate what is healthy from what is not, which always takes us to truth. 

Our programming has taught us to believe that IF “he does that” or “she says this” then “I” will be happy. As we heal, we begin to see that this programming is an untruth that we have come to believe, wasting our precious time and energy. If I am not happy, then is it time to change ME instead of you?

Change begins with a reprogramming of cells, one group at a time. These groups of cells become a protective shield that ensures a continuation of our unhealthy patterns. Why would we do that? The unhealthy patterns have become our comfort zone. It is this belief that causes the cells to resist change for fear of leaving our perceived comforts.

How can we begin to change that which feels unchangeable? We may need a little help from our friends and vibrational medicines can be very powerful friends indeed. 

Vibrational medicines give us that little push to successfully begin the process of changing our resistant cells. Some of these medicines are used to wash the cells in need of cleansing; others to flush the cells in need of flushing; and others to remove toxins from the system. Finally, some are used to help reprogram the cells that are now ready and willing to be reprogrammed. This is a monumental moment that over time has the potential to stimulate healing through truth.

For vibrational medicines to be effective, they too must be truthful in what they contain. However, the truth is, ALL MEDICINES ARE NOT CREATED EQUAL. When a client informs me that a supplement they purchased was ineffective, my first question is, “What product did you buy?” Often I am told, “I bought it at Walmart.” That’s problem #1.  Cheap products may contain cheap ingredients or none at all. 

After reading the above article, I thought it important to share some of the products I have found to be effective over the years. If you want results, pay the extra few dollars to ensure you are buying effective healing supplements. 

Natures Plus Vitamins & Herbal Supplements
Rainbow Light Vitamins
Twinlab Vitamins
Natures Way Supplements
Natures Herbs Supplements
Herb Pharm 
Gaia Herbs
Bach Flower Essences
Hylands Homeopathics
Boiron Homeopathic Medicines
Quantum Research
Child Life Essentials
Herbs for Kids

Standard Process is another highly regarded company that is often recommended by health professionals.

Its not to say that this list is all-inclusive. These are simply the products I have trusted over the past 30 years to ensure the results we are hoping to achieve. I am sure there are many more wonderful products out there that can help in our healing journey.. what products have you grown to trust?